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I was born in Landstuhl, Germany, (My mother said I was halfway born in the back seat of the car and the other half on the stretcher. I guess I couldn't wait to see what life was all about! ) and traveled Europe as a child with my family. I come from a strong line of musicians from both parents. I was raised with Classical & Rock N Roll, it is in my bloodline literally. It saved my grandfather from being executed by the Russians during WWI. He played such beautiful violin, the Russian Czar said "destroying a man who could play so beautifully would be destroying living art." I enjoy listening to Classical, Jazz, New Age, some country (they have smokin' pickers!) and of course Rock N Roll & Heavy Metal \m/.
My favorite and most inspired guitarist are Jimmy Page, Toni Iommi, EVH, Randy Rhoads and my cousin Gregory Allen Thomas, who was probably my biggest influence. I can pretty much play all stringed instruments; My favorite guitars are Charvel and Fender Strats. I play through Line 6 and Marshall amps. Piano is also a favorite, mostly classical.

For the past several years I have resided in Orange County, CA. I LOVE the beach cities and the vibe there. Great weather & a kick back lifestyle, can't beat it, for now ;) Starting back during the 80's, I have been in such bands as Johnny Law, Killer Elite, Silent Reign, and The Sudden, to name a few. Nothing became of anything of those bands, sadly. That is what led me to start Ravenscroft in the later part of 2012. I specifically sought out a lead singer, who at the time was lead singer of Serpent Underground; Ralph Buso. I saw him performing and was blown away at what heart and soul & showmanship he put into EVERYTHING he did on stage. We both quickly became soul brothers. Song ideas and everything that goes into them are in comparison to twins being separated at birth. We actually wrote MY DISEASE & BROKEN SHADOWS over the phone. And the fact that his powerhouse vocals would send any crowd into awe, helped too!. Devin Baker was a mutual friend of Brett Octane, lead guitarist & song writer for Octane Mob. Devin's ability to capture the song & his execution of ideas the he brings to the table are second to none. Devin is a definite stronghold in Ravenscroft's writing team. And Alas comes the 'Spider', Pat Magrath. Why Spider? When you see him play you'd think in order to play that way he MUST have eight arms! Pat and I had jammed way back when, but had never been in a band together. He also brings an amazing ability to structure, write and has many creative ideas THAT WORK. Pat & Devin are an incredible team together.
I put Ravenscroft together to form an ultimate and unique band. I didn't want to sound like any other band, past or present. And ONLY with the talents of this group of paramount musicians was and is Ravenscroft. A new sound can only be derived from complete freedom & musical expression. And I believe We had accomplished that. I was tired of being a "Hired Gun" and was tired of bands trying to sound like other bands that have already been signed. It's all riding coattails and I'm just not into that. Fresh, new, exhilarating, exciting, moving, grooving,Rock N Roll aphrodisiac music is what I had to do and every member of Ravenscroft made that happen; "We looked the dream in the eye and woke it up!"
Unfortunately, due to some differences in how the band should sound, I decided to break away. The boys still rock and I wish them the best.
Currently I am writing new music and taking in the sights and sounds of a small community just north of San Diego, Ca. Soon, I will release my music to my fans once again.

"Rock N Roll ain't just music, it's a way of life." ~ Frank Black Ravenscroft
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